Christ is the Reason for St. Stephen School. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in our classes.  He is the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students.In this spirit-filled, safe and supportive environment, the dedicated faculty of St. Stephen School works closely with families to provide students with a solid academic foundation for their future studies and a solid spiritual foundation, based on the values of the Catholic faith, to last a lifetime.  We want our students to catch this Spirit.


The Catholic Private School of Choice in Worcester, Massachusetts

Saint Stephen School strives to provide an excellent academic education. As a Catholic school, we recognize and accept our responsibility to develop the whole child in his/her spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

Spiritual & Moral Development

The St. Stephen School community is an expression of faith. By example and through formal instruction, faculty members provide moral and religious training. The students are encouraged to live their faith daily.

Tools for Intellectual Development

 St. Stephen School encourages each student to achieve within the frame-work of our traditional curriculum. Technology is used to enhance the delivery of this curriculum in the pursuit of lifelong learning. 

Emotional & Social Development

Students are taught responsibility for their actions. They are called to respond to the feelings of others. A world with peace and justice begins with a child filled with self-worth and the Spirit of Christ's love.

Our Objective Is:

  • To build self-esteem based on faith and to help the students to recognize themselves as children of God with inherent responsibilities of their baptismal call.
  • To encourage each student to achieve his/her personal best in all areas of his/her life.
  • To promote an exciting and supportive learning environment that encourages the quest for knowledge.
  • To foster within the student a sense of personal responsibility for academic work and for the completion of tasks.
  • To instill lifelong organizational skills and study habits.


  • To challenge the student to integrate acquired skills and seek new solutions to problems while using a variety of resources.
  • To develop within students the ability to think about and accept appropriate consequences for their behavior.
  • To create a Christian environment where students treat each other with respect and kindness, regardless of religion, race, or culture.
  • To develop within the students an awareness of Christian responsibility towards the community.

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