Christ is the Reason for St. Stephen School. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in our classes.  He is the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students.In this spirit-filled, safe and supportive environment, the dedicated faculty of St. Stephen School works closely with families to provide students with a solid academic foundation for their future studies and a solid spiritual foundation, based on the values of the Catholic faith, to last a lifetime.  We want our students to catch this Spirit.



a family affair

"This wonderful place has become a second home to my children.”

~Caryn Gentile, parent ~

The Gentile family

 The Gentile family:  Vinnie, grade 2; Matt, grade 5; mom, Caryn; Nick, grade 8; and dad, Vinnie

We wanted our children to grow in faith through daily religion class, develop a strong moral code, build integrity through discipline and be academically challenged through a strong curriculum. That was ten years ago, and all of our expectations have been met and even surpassed. 

There is a spirit that exists. We feel it every day through the kind words and encouragement of the teachers and the camaraderie of my children’s peers. This wonderful place has become a second home to my children. It is a safe haven, a place where they feel love, respect, and a great self-worth.

It is our hope that our children will continue their Catholic education throughout high school and college. The education they are receiving at the elementary level is the building block necessary to form the foundation for their academic success.  The faith that is instilled in them is necessary to cultivate their spiritual well-being.  These coupled together are the formula for successful, morally responsible young adults. What more could parents want for their children?