Christ is the Reason for St. Stephen School. He is the unseen but ever present teacher in our classes.  He is the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students.In this spirit-filled, safe and supportive environment, the dedicated faculty of St. Stephen School works closely with families to provide students with a solid academic foundation for their future studies and a solid spiritual foundation, based on the values of the Catholic faith, to last a lifetime.  We want our students to catch this Spirit.



Working families may qualify for tax refunds through the Earned Income Credit and Child Tax Credit Programs up to $5,666 depending upon income and number of children.  Please log onto and call up the National Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Campaign for more information.



          Thank you for considering St. Stephen School for your child's education.  It is our privilege and joy to offer a traditional education founded in Catholic principles.  For eighty years we have sought to meet the needs of our students while modeling the behavior and attitudes of our faith.  Detailed information regarding our application process is listed below.